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Hey! my honourable audience. Are you looking for moringa benefits for men? Here you not only get moringa benefits for men but also for women. Congrats You are at the right place to get an ultimate guide for moringa health benefits, and tips for how to incorporate it into your diet.

Although Men and women both have their own gender-specific health issues. Prostate issues, heart issues, and testosterone level issues are faced by men and menstrual cycle irregularities, osteoporosis, or infertility are the issues faced by women.

Fortunately, there is 1 plant that has the capabilities to solve these issues. Now let’s explore the moringa benefits for men.

What Is Moringa?

Moringa olefiera is a fast-growing tree belonging to the family Moringaceae. It is native to India but is frequently found in South and Southeast Asia. Its bark, sap, roots, leaves, seeds, and flowers have been used as traditional medicines. Moringa has been used as a medicine for High Blood pressure and Diabetes.

  •  Moringa is loaded with vitamin A and iron.
  • It also contains 16 amino acids and 22 minerals.
Moringa plant
Moringa Plant

What Makes A Moringa Superfood?

  • 2 times higher amount of protein than in yogurt
  • 4 times more elevated amount of vitamin A than in carrots
  • 3 times higher amount of potassium than in bananas
  • 4 times more elevated amount of calcium than in cow’s milk
  • 7 times more elevated amount of vitamin C than in oranges
  •  100-gram of moringa leaves contain 191 % of the RDA of vitamin C
  • 100-gram of moringa leaves contain 111 % of the RDA of potassium
  • 100-gram of moringa leaves contain 60 % of the RDA of manganese
  • Per serving of moringa leaves contain 51 grams of calcium
  • Per serving of moringa leaves contain 39 grams of iron
  • Per serving of moringa leaves contain 17 grams of dietary fibers

Nutrition Facts Of Moringa

These values of fresh leaves, dried leaves, and leaf powder are based on per 100 grams of plant material. These are the moringa benefits for men and women.

Nutrients Fresh LeavesDried LeavesLeaf Powder
Calories (cal)92329205
Crude Protein (g)6.729.427.1
Fat (g)1.75.22,3
Carbohydrate (g) 12.541.238.2
Fiber (g) 0.912.519.2
Calcium (mg) 44021852003
Potassium (mg) 25912361324
Iron (mg) 0.8525.628.2
Magnesium (mg) 42448368
Phosphorus (mg) 70252204
Copper (mg) 0.070.490.57
Sulphur (mg) 870
Vitamin A (mg)1.283.6316.3
Vitamin B1 (mg)
Vitamin B2 (mg) 0.0521.320.5
Vitamin B3 (mg)
Vitamin C (mg)22015.817.3
Vitamin E (mg) 44810.8113
Chlorophyll (mg) 80451268
Arginine (g/16 gN)6% 1.78%1.33%
Histidine (g/16 gN) 2.10%0.72% 0.61%
Lysine (g/16 gN) 4.30%1.64%1.32%
Tryptophan (g/16 gN) 1.90%0.49% 0.43%
Phenylalanine (g/16 gN) 6.40%1.64%1.39%
Methionine (g/16 gN) 2%0.30% 0.35%
Threonine (g/16 gN)4.90% 1.36%1.19%
Leucine (g/16 gN)9.30%1.96% 1.95%
Isoleucine (g/16 gN) 6.30% 1.18%0.83%
Valine (g/16 gN) 7.10%1.41%1.06%
Nutritional Facts Of Moringa

Moringa Benefits For Men

Here are 6 best possible moringa benefits for men. Hope so you will find informative knowledge about your query. Have a look below.

Helps In Blood Sugar Control

Moringa is great for diabetic patients and for obesity as it can manage insulin levels in the body. It will manage and play its role in losing weight and lowering your high levels of blood sugar to normal levels.

Blood Sugar Control
Blood Sugar Control

Promote Prostate Health

The leaves of moringa contain calcium and potassium that can be beneficial in the reduction of the risk of cancer. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which ultimately reduce bladder infection. It can also inhibit the progression of an enlarged prostate.

Moringa is loaded with vitamin C and beta-carotene. Along with that Tennis is the component which makes moringa an antioxidant plant. So, it will control the oxidative damage in cells and tissues caused by oxidation. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the extract has the ability to reverse this cancer.

Improve Fertility

Moringa can improve the fertility of both genders. If you are looking to increase your testosterone levels, sperm count, and sperm mobility you should consider moringa.

Chemotherapy and heat can be the cause of losing sperm but moringa leaf extract can restore its number and function. Its antioxidant properties can support the male reproductive system.

Estrogen imbalance can be the main factor for hormonal issues in both genders. Moringa extract can balance the protection of estrogen. In this way, moringa improves fertility.

Promote Muscle Growth

Moringa is a full package of 18 amino acids. 9 are essential amino acids that’s means the body isn’t able to get these amino acids from external sources.

As you know moringa is high in protein. it can be used as a pre-workout meal by adding it to your smoothies. It has the potential to repair muscles after doing exercises. Different nutrients are used for different functions like,

  • Vitamin B 12 is used for the production of red blood cells
  • Iron is for making protein hemoglobin
  • Magnesium is used for the regulation of muscles
Moringa benefits for men
Moringa benefits for men

Improves Heart Health

Men are higher risk of having cardiovascular problems than women. Moringa benefits for men in a way that moringa can reduce the inflammation in the heart, and improve blood flow and metabolism. Ultimately it manages blood sugar levels and helps you lose weight.

Treats Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know that 20 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction today? It’s scary!

It is the most important moringa benefit for men. The enzymes that cause erectile dysfunction in men are reduced by the consumption of moringa seeds. Moringa can also reduce the stress hormone that causes infertility.

Moringa Benefits For Women

As already we discussed moringa benefits for men now we will discuss benefits for women.

Weight Management

Moringa contains B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B7, B12, and B14.) and these are crucial for nervous system. As you may know “Binge Eating” is a nervous disorder in which patients consume food too much in a short period of time which makes them obese. These patients are deficient in magnesium, B vitamins, chromium, and zinc.

The natural detoxifying effect of moringa helps in losing weight by vanishing water weight, plaque, and fat if the patient consumes leaf powder or extract regularly. Moringa reduces inflammation and water retention in the body.

High fiber content in moringa helps in the reduction of fat accumulation. Simultaneously it will reduce insulin resistance which ultimately eases the weight loss process. Glutamic acid which is present in moringa reduces your unnecessary Sugar Cravings.

Moringa benefits for men and Women
Moringa benefits for men and Women

Beauty: Hair, Skin & Nails

Along with moringa benefits for men, it also benefits women. Hair loss happens when the body is deficient in B vitamins, in particular vitamin B6, folic acid, and inositol. Fortunately, moringa is loaded with nutrients that are responsible for hair growth like

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B4, B6, B7, B12, B14, and some of B17)

Vitamin E can stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp. Moringa also contains organic sulfur which is different from inorganic sulfur and it is responsible for hair growth. It is also known as a “beauty mineral” because it grows hair, and nails, promotes skin health, and slows aging.

For the skin, Zeatin is an antioxidant responsible for delaying aging by reducing cell division and its anti-oxidant properties.

Balance Hormones and Slows the Effects of Aging

In 2014, a research paper appeared in the Journal of Food Science and Technology. This study investigated the potential effects of combining moringa and amaranth leaves, aiming to understand if there were any natural hormonal balance-related implications on the aging process.

Before and after supplementation these components in the body were analyzed

  •  Fasting blood glucose and hemoglobin levels
  • Levels of antioxidant status
  • including serum retinol
  • serum ascorbic acid
  • glutathione peroxidase
  • superoxide dismutase
  • malondialdehyde

After implementation, these were the results:

  • Increases in antioxidant status
  • Significant decrease in markers of oxidative stress.
  • Better fasting blood glucose control
  • Positive increases in hemoglobin
Moringa Powder
Moringa Powder

Moringa is great for increasing breast milk

Moringa leaves are a natural galactagogue – it is a substance that enhances milk production and increases the flow of a mother’s milk. Moringa enhances the milk supply for new mothers and it has been traditionally used as a milk enhancer. How does it work? So the answer is as we already know that moringa is loaded with potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin C. B, beta-carotene, and amino acids and these are the minerals that support milk production.

In the accident times, the Philippines used to add moringa in their soups for new mothers after its popularity moringa started to spread in the Western world.

In North America, people use moringa to increase breast milk and enhance milk supply.


Insulin resistance is the metabolic disorder commonly found in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and Diabetes. Moringa has the ability to control insulin resistance and decrease the elevated amount of insulin. It also increases folliculogenesis in PCOS.


A study has been conducted by a French researcher and published in Dakar Medical Journal of Senegal and states that moringa has impressive anti-inflammatory properties to beat chronic inflammation. It can heal acute inflammatory conditions like bronchitis, diabetes, mucus, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Inflammation to any injury is a natural phenomenon but chronic inflammation by the free radicals can be damaging to the metabolic processes and these types of inflammation can be seen in diabetic and insulin-resistant bodies.

Moringa capsules
Moringa capsules

Benefits Menopause And Menstruation

Menopause is a painful stage that every woman faces. In menopause, there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body and the body needs extra iron and calcium. Due to irregular blood flow, women feel tired and stressed all the time.

During the regular menstrual cycle, a lot of blood loss occurs along with that there is a loss of crucial minerals like iron and calcium. Fortunately, the potent moringa powder is here to recover all this loss as it contains 2 times more calcium than in milk, 25 times more calcium than spinach, and 4 times higher vitamin A than in carrots.

Hot flushes also occur during these days. For that moringa contains higher vitamin C content and bioflavonoids such as Quercetin that ease these hot flushes.

Benefits Cramps & PMS

Do you know around 60% of women suffer from menstrual cramps and pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)? Grogginess and bloating are the symptoms of PMS. For that purpose, moringa contains vitamin E in high amounts and eases these symptoms.

As moringa contains 3 times more potassium than banana it will benefit your tiredness and weakness.

Mood swings an another problem faced by women. B vitamins play their role in bringing calm and peace of mind by relaxing the nervous system. Moringa also makes our immune system strong.

Moringa benefits for women
Moringa benefits for women

What are the Side Effects of Moringa?

As we know everything in excess is bad. So try to take it in the recommended amount but there can be some negative interactions with other foods and medications.

Here are some best possible negative effects that can be considerable:

  • Moringa can lower your BP and slow your heart rate if taken incorrectly.
  • Moringa has laxative properties, which is definitely beneficial for constipation. But for patients who have regular bowel movements, it can cause a problem. You will notice stomach issues, gas, heartburn, and diarrhea when it is taken in larger quantities. 
  • Moringa could activate your gag reflex and lead to nausea; it varies from person to person.
  • Flowers, bark, and moringa roots can cause uterine contractions in pregnant females because they contain some chemicals that are not good for this condition. It can lead to miscarriages.
  • Patients who consume blood-thinning medicines like Warfarin should not consider it.
  • Toxicity in cells can be seen by consuming its seeds, so don’t take it.

How to Use Moringa Powder?

Moringa powder can be used in different ways. Here I am giving some ways to incorporate moringa powder into your daily routine.

  • Add moringa powder to your smoothies or beverages
  • Sprinkle moringa powder on your meals
  • Make sauces and dressings including moringa
  • Bake with moringa. Add moringa to muffins, pancakes, etc
  • Sprinkle moringa powder on hummus
  • Add moringa powder to soups and salads
  • Make tea by adding the leaves of moringa powder to hot water, steep, and add your favorite sweetener
Moringa benefits for men
Moringa benefits for men and Women


Moringa Powder Dosage?

Moringa can be used in various ways:
As a Powder: ¼ to ½ teaspoon can be used every day
As a Capsules/Tablets: Can be consumed 1-2 capsules/tablets a day
As a syrup/Juice: 2-4 teaspoons twice a day
As a Tea: 1 to 2 cups a day

How to Take Moringa Capsules?

You can consume 1-2 capsules OR tablets a day after a meal. It will increase your absorption, enhance your skin, and hair, and treat your conditions like Diabetes, PCOS, cancer, etc.

How long does it take for moringa to start working?

It varies from person to person. Some patients see their results after a few weeks and some notice after months. I suggest you have moringa for at least 6 months. It depends on your condition, diet, lifestyle, etc.

Which part of moringa is more effective?

Leaves of the moringa are the most beneficial part. It is highly nutritious and effective.

Is fresh moringa better than dried?

The study has been conducted and the result has been observed that dried leaves have more powerful effects than fresh ones.

What are the disadvantages of Moringa leaf powder?

We know that everything in excess is bad for your health. So have it in the recommended amount. Overconsumption causes nausea. Some chemicals in roots, flowers, and bark can lead to uterine contraction in pregnant women. Breastfeeding women should avoid it as it may not be good for infants.


As a dietitian, I must suggest you try at least one time if you are a PCOS patient and facing hormonal imbalances. It will balance the hormones of both genders. If I talk about moringa benefits for men then there are a lot of benefits like resolving heart issues, promoting muscle growth, improving fertility, controlling blood sugar levels, and curing diabetes. It is a powerful herb and highly nutritious. Add this herb into your daily routine and enjoy its potential benefits by having a youthful life.

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